What's Next for Dexter and Deb?


You may recall an earlier blog post where I speculated that Dexter might kill LaGuerta. After Sunday's finale, It would appear I was right.

Well, almost. I didn't think Deb would be the one to kill her.

The finale left us with a lot of questions and a lot to think about till next season. For instance: 

This chunk of crazy

This chunk of crazy

Dexter visits Hannah in jail and she assures him that his secret is safe with her. Our boy Dexter accuses her of attempting to kill Deb, which Hannah doesn't deny or confirm. After telling her they can never trust each other, Hannah suggests running away together (He JUST told you that you two will never trust each other, why the hell would he want to go honeymooning with you?) With a little help from her former roomie, Hannah makes a detour to a hospital, where she then escapes.

We see Hannah leaving a plant on Dexter's doorstep, which we know is her M.O. when it comes to taking people out. Hannah will definitely be back next season, but what will her role be? Will she still try to win Dexter's love again? Or will she take both Dexter and Deb out. I'm going to speculate that she kidnaps Deb and uses her against Dexter. Dexter will go along with it, only far enough that he can kill Hannah and rescue Deb. Even more interesting would be if Hannah uses Harrison against Dexter! Now THAT would be sick and twisted.

So close to retirement

So close to retirement

Without a doubt, Angel is going to cancel his retirement once he learns of LaGuerta's demise. He probably won't suspect Dexter and Deb right away, since they showed up to his retirement party (just fucking strolled into a retirement party like they didn't just kill someone.) It'll be interesting to see how he'll perceive LaGuerta's death initially, but if and when he finds out about the Morgan's involvement, he'll probably feel an overwhelming sense of guilt. He was the one who told LaGuerta to back off of Dexter, and once he puts two and two together (which makes 4! MATH!) he'll probably go after the Morgans with a vengeance. 

Well, this is awkward

Well, this is awkward

Yes Deb, kill LaGuerta and then sob over her dead body. That'll make everything better.

The relationship between Dex and Deb has reached the top of the roller coaster, and things can only spiral deeper now. Deb used her own gun, but will Dexter be able to cover for her or even take the blame? Will he even offer to take the blame? 

Some are speculating that Dexter will kill Deb, but I don't really think that's likely, unless she betrays him in a major way.  Dexter and Deb aren't going to go skipping around the world either, because that wouldn't be obvious at all (sarcasm.)

I don't have much to go on, but my gut is telling me that Dexter isn't going to walk out alive next season (my gut is also telling me that it's hungry.) It's the final season so there's no reason to keep their title character alive. I'm also willing to bet he doesn't die by lethal injection by the state or any of that. That would be so lame. 

Work with me on this theory, that could be an epic way to end the series (if I'm right, I'm totally making a blog post that just says "I TOLD YOU SO" over and over again, because I'm humble like that.)

What if, on the finale episode, Hannah shows up to Dexter's apartment and kills both Deb and Harrison, before killing herself. Some sort of note or something by the weapon she used saying "If I can't have your love, no one can" b.s. diatribe. Dex picks up the note and the weapon and it's at this point that Angel storms into Dexter's apartment (maybe Hannah called 911 framing Dexter, before offing herself.) Angel takes in the wreckage and the weapon in Dexter's hand and shoots him, resulting in Dexter's death. Presumably in Dexter's last few moments, he'll have some touching flashbacks about the more innocent moments in his life. Wraps it all up pretty nicely, no?

What's your take, Insticators? I know you've got some theories of your own, share them with us in the comments section and maybe you'll get to brag that you told us so!

Posted on December 18, 2012 .